Kitchen Tools 

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Diversey Cleaning Tools For Kitchens, Food-Preparation & Production Areas


Everyone working in or with food preparation is obliged to take full responsibility of food safety. Diversey offers, next to its wide range of cleaning products, a complete range of cleaning tools, which is:



  • Manageable 5 color coding system
  • Easy to clean and washable in mechanical ware washing machines
  • Available in convenient ergonomic shapes and sizes
  • Easy to organize with the specially designed trolley
  • One supplier for a total hygiene solution



  • Diversey offers specialized tools for safe cleaning of e.g. grills and cutting machines


Hygienic, in line with HACCP principles

  • Brushes can be boiled and sterilized
  • Color coding prevents cross contamination
  • Smooth surfaces avoid soil build-up
  • Material used do not absorb bacteria or soil themselves



  • Material used withstand temperature up to 130°C
  • The handles of brushes will not distort in use
  • The bristles retain their firmness over time